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Sociodrama is an action method for exploring the relationships within and between groups in societies, on local, national, global or universal levels. The emphasis is always on understanding how individuals, teams, and organisations function.

International Sociodrama and Creative Action Methods Network – iSCAN is a membership group that exists to encourage and promote these methods within the UK and Internationally. Our aims are:

  • to grow networks for support and ongoing professional development
  • to provide opportunities for training in Sociodrama and Creative Action Methods.
  • to communicate updates and opportunities through iSCAN News and the iSCAN website
  • to offer annual membership with benefits including sharing good practice

During Covid-19 restrictions we are using online networks [Zoom] for support and training.

For current events see:
iSCAN International Sociodrama and Creative Action Methods – EventBrite page.

We look forward to welcoming you:

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