Who we are

The UK Sociodrama & Creative Action Network was founded in February 2012 by a group of sociodrama practitioners and students. Our aims are:

  • to promote the understanding and use of sociodrama and action methods
  • to encourage and provide peer support to those with an interest in sociodrama and action methods
  • to provide, organise and support education and training in sociodrama and action methods.

To achieve these aims, we run ‘taster’ sessions, more formal training and open workshops in different parts of the UK and elsewhere. We also have network meetings during the year to practise sociodrama and action methods, share skills and support each others work.

We put potential customers and clients in touch with practitioners working in their area, or alternatively with specific experience. We are able to offer sociodramatic coaching and mentoring by phone and Skype.

Membership of the network is open to people who support our aims and have some relevant experience of the method.

For further information use our CONTACT FORM or  follow this Blog to receive updates via email.

To contact a specific practitioner please see their pages.

Dr Ron Wiener  | Di Adderley | Sue Cookman | Val Monti Holland
Noelle Branagan | Mark Boyle | Chris Andrews | Jos Razzell  | John Wenger | Meredith Evans | Sue Orton