Val Monti Holland

Valerie Monti Holland – Sociodrama PractitionerVal (1)
Valerie is a sociodramatist working across the three sectors using applied theatre techniques to work with teams, groups and organisations, principally in the areas of public health, criminal justice and business innovation. Her current, long-­‐standing client base with her business, Left Luggage Training,  includes the NHS, Sheffield Hallam University in addition to a number of creative community agencies such as darts (Doncaster Community Arts) and CIDA Co. through her business

Valerie has a particular interest in women’s issues and delivers workshops in women’s prisons developing business ideas and entrepreneurship in addition to running a weekly sociodrama group for women in Sheffield. She used sociodrama to facilitate the Symposium on Women, Human Rights and Prostitution.

She also has a partnership with the Cleaver Company, a boutique consulting and personal development firm. Valerie combines Cleaver’s industry-­‐leading tools and programmes for leadership, sales, and skill development with sociodramatic techniques to produce a unique global offer in this area. Valerie has an MA in Applied Theatre from the University of Manchester and is a Forum Theatre specialist.