Sue Orton

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weaver | teacher mentor

Teacher mentoring
Joyful, inquisitive, deep learning is our birthright, but formal systems can crush and diminish this capacity. My passion is to rekindle, encourage and inspire the facilitation of deep learning. I observe, supervise and mentor teachers and facilitators who wish to improve the quality of their students learning and facilitate more effective teaching, workshops and sessions.

My creative heart lies in my weaving. I work on a traditional floor loom designing scarves and wraps. For me weaving is as fine art, a mysterious, difficult creative process.  I have learnt in recent years that taking time to make, to slow down and to breathe is becoming essential to my wellbeing. To craft, to ponder and to play with yarn, with natural fibre; with driftwood and willow; with buttons and thread. This precious often non-verbal time allows me to breathe, to slow down and to settle into my centre. I have named it Creative Breathing/Making Space. I have offered  such space at home, at the BPA Conference Dublin 2013 and will be at BPA Conference Sheffield 2017.

Creative Action Methods
Often my work uses creative action methods drawn from sociodrama. Helping to make learning personal, enjoyable and through action, more visible. I formed Creative Action Methods Education (CAMS) with my colleague Noelle Branagan to promote, teach and encourage the use of these methods across Southern UK.

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