Sue Cookman

SueCookmanSue Cookman – Sociodrama Practitioner
Sue Cookman lives in Sheffield and works as a full time Trade Union Official in Yorkshire and Humberside, where she finds plenty of scope for using Sociodrama and Action Methods in her work. Although having worked as a trainer for adults for the last 25 years, when she discovered Sociodrama and action methods in 2001 she found a name for some of the things she had been trying to do for many years!

The basic techniques of Sociodrama such as setting out the system, role reversal and role training now find their way into many Union Training courses, team building workshops and conflict resolution sessions ; as well as into much of the coaching and mentoring work she does. Sue has designed and run Train the Trainer courses for Trade Union trainers which embed Action methods within them and have found that Action methods lend themselves well to Trade Union education courses, and settings as a whole.

As much of her work deals with the complex environment of work set within the even more complex and political setting of public services Sociodrama serves as the perfect tool to be used in any setting. She wouldn’t be without it now!