Chris Andrews

ChrisChris Andrews – Sociodrama Practitioner
Based in Bristol. Chris is a qualified Sociodramatist, registered with the British Psychodrama Association. He is also a Psychodrama Psychotherapist and a registered Mental Health Nurse, and has a degree in English and Philosophy.

He has worked as a group facilitator in NHS mental health services since 1998, where he has also been prominent in service development. At present he is developing and facilitating a range of groups and services, which combine Psychodrama Psychotherapy, creative group work and CBT skills in a recovery based approach. He has previously created and developed a successful 12-­‐week recovery programme for adults with eating disorders in Bristol.

Chris has used Sociodrama as a supervision tool for staff teams and professional groups within the National Health Service. He has also used Sociodrama and action methods in team building and organisational work in the NHS, local councils, Universities, and the non-­‐statutory sector. He has facilitated workshops across the UK and internationally, from Belfast to Belgrade. He believes in the importance of both the individual and the group, and the inextricable links between personal, collective and social health and well-being.

He has a background as a social activist and campaigner, which has informed his experiences and understanding of working with groups and in organisations. He is passionate and optimistic about the eternal potential for human beings to make creative changes whether it is in the therapy room or the workplace.