Anne Augustine

SCAN Membership Coordinator and a Sociodrama Trainee

Anne is a Glasgow-based organisational consultant and facilitator, with a passion to help people and organisations find their purpose and develop leadership capacity for systemic change.  She has over 25 years international, multidisciplinary and cross-sector leadership experience working at the vanguard of business, technological and social system change.  These diverse experiences give Anne a distinctive and empathic insight that clients find valuable. She is able to work across boundaries – whether they are functional, organisational, or cultural – to seek out and translate diverse viewpoints; and to explore questions from commercial, societal and relational perspectives. She finds action methods particularly powerful when groups seem ‘stuck’ in a pattern of working they know isn’t serving their purpose.

Anne trained in leadership, organisational behaviour and group dynamics at the Tavistock, the Institute of Psychiatry and the Saïd Business School. She holds a certificate in Group Facilitation Methods from ICA:UK and is working towards a certificate in Groupwork from the Gestalt Centre, London; and a certificate in Sociodrama from the Soziodrama Akademie, Berlin. Anne has also trained in improvisation with Keith Johnstone (Loose Moose Theatre Company) and Steve Chapman (Can Scorpions Smoke?). Since moving to Scotland in 2017 she has begun to participate in Theatre of the Oppressed workshops with Active Inquiry, Edinburgh.

You can find out more about Anne’s work at: