Sociodrama: Explore systems, develop communities, transform organisations: March / April 2021

Are your groups too often stuck in rational debating – with transformation, change or innovation initiatives delivering low energy, commitment or impact?
Do you yearn to create more lively, engaging and rich virtual experiences that can shape and impel outcomes?
Where all voices are heard and your participants feel seen in the meeting timeframe?

Then take this four-session course, learn about Sociodrama and experience eight wonderful sociodramatists of the International Sociodrama and Creative Action Methods Network (iSCAN).
Session 1: Virtual Sociodrama basics
12-15.00 GMT 17th March 2021
Session 2: issue-based Sociodrama
12-15.00 GMT 24th March 2021
Session 3: protagonist-centered sociodrama
12-15.00 GMT 31st March 2021
Session 4: group-centered sociodrama
12-15.00 GMT 7th April 2021
You can register here.

What will you learn in the four sessions?
In this highly experiential Sociodrama course you will ……actively experience

  • the power of (virtual) group work in action
  • the three main approaches to Sociodrama
  • a variety of different virtual directing styles by some of the most experienced sociodramatists
  • a variety of different virtual warm-ups to bring groups into a state of play
  • how to use zoom to facilitate lively and rich group experiences

gain an understanding of 

  • key concepts and techniques of sociodrama and its directing
  • different virtual ways to widen and deepen the roles people take
  • how to debrief and close a (virtual) sociodrama session

… take away

  • an overview of different kinds of groups and their characteristics

Register for the programme here.

© iSCAN 2021


  1. Hi,

    This course looks so great. Can I check whether this will run any other time as I can’t do Wednesdays at that time?


    Gema Hadridge


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