How do we… Run a Sociodrama on Zoom

How Do We…Run a Sociodrama on ZOOM?

Since March, iSCAN members have been developing their skills on ZOOM delivering a number of successful workshops for a global community and helped to take the 7th International Sociodrama Conference online.

We are now happy to share some of this learning in workshops for psycho/ socio dramatists, group workers and all who want to improve their ZOOM skills and apply them to their practice.

Tuesdays: October 20th & November 24th on Zoom
17.00 – 19.00 (GMT, UK)
Cost per session: £30 per session
Sessions limited to 12 participants


Workshop leaders
Irina Stefanescu Valerie Monti Holland

Sociodrama is a profound action method used for exploring the relationships within and between groups on local, national, global or universal levels. The emphasis is on gaining a deeper understanding through role taking and systems analysis in order to offer a variety of perspectives on how individuals, teams, and organisations function.

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