How do we.. handle Climate Catastrophe

How Do We…Handle Climate Catastrophe?
A One Day Sociodrama Event

Beyond COVID-19, the planet still faces climate emergency. We face very serious questions:
How will we explain this to our children and grandchildren?
How will we as individuals, groups, organisations and societies cope with grief, shame, loss and sacrifice?
What are we willing to give up, restrict or re-invent today in order to reduce the speed of change and size of impact?
Are we able to transform and act quickly?

In this one-day workshop we will explore and create different climate futures, experience them with our heads, hearts and hands and analyse how they might have developed.

This workshop is for everyone who wants to start making a difference or dive deeper into the consequences of the current climate catastrophe as well as people who are interested in action methods in general.

When: Sunday, October 25th
12:00 -19.00 pm (London, UK)
(with lunch and comfort breaks)
Cost: £80

Money should not be a reason for not attending. So, if you cannot afford the fee, please get in contact with us and ask for a bursary. Also, if you are willing to support or fund someone else’s place, please get in touch.

Workshop leaders:
Joerg Jelden
Valerie Monti Holland

Sociodrama is a profound action method used for exploring the relationships within and between groups on local, national, global or universal levels. The emphasis is on gaining a deeper understanding through role taking and systems analysis in order to offer a variety of perspectives on how individuals, teams, and organisations function.

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