Psychodrama & Sociodrama Conference 2020

Psychodrama and Sociodrama
Roots and Shoots: From Moreno to the Future 10-12th July 2020
Malvern, Worcestershire

The 2020 annual conference of the British Psychodrama Association looks to the future of psychodrama and sociodrama in the UK and beyond.

We invite delegates and presenters to explore the roots of psychodrama and sociodrama in the revolutionary work of Jacob L. Moreno. Equally, we will explore the ‘shoots’ that represent the potential future development of psychodrama and sociodrama across many domains of human endeavour.

One hundred years on from Moreno’s first publication – The Words of the Father – we will explore the theory and practice of psychodrama and sociodrama and what the core principles of spontaneity, creativity and encounter have to offer in the 21st Century.

The venue is the Elim Conference Centre, which offers a perfect combination of superb conferencing facilities and excellent accommodation, set in a former Country House Estate in the heart of the beautiful Malvern Hills in Worcestershire.

Anyone who is interested in bringing creativity, spontaneity and action methods into their work will find this conference to be a rich and inspiring experience. Participants from all helping, health, therapy, counselling, social care, educational, coaching and related professions will be very welcome.

To register your interest in attending, and to find out more about the conference, the conference themes and the BPA, please visit

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