VII International Sociodrama Conference

Screenshot 2019-07-01 at 15.13.41WELCOME!
We are glad to invite you to participate in the 7th International Sociodrama Conference organized by Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicodrama (SPP).

This Conference will bring together international experts in the practices of Sociodrama, Sociometry and Sociatry from different contexts (clinical, educational, institutional and community, etc.). In four days several subjects of sociodrama intervention will be discussed and demonstrated, and also will be presented subjects from other social intervention and theatre methods.

We are hoping that the conference will be an excellent opportunity for exchange experiences and knowledge,and will contribute to the development and dissimination of sociodrama.


Beginning of registrations: 1st May 2019
Proposals/works submissions: 31st October 2019
Results of proposals: until 20th December 2019
“Early bird” registrations: 31st January 2020
“Late bird” registrations: until the Conference

Student: € 160,00
Profisional / other participants: € 190,00 Groups (6 people): €180,00

Manuela Maciel (Conference President) Miguel Vasconcelos (SPP President) Celso Teixeira
Lea Kellermann Pereira
Liliana Ribeiro
Luzia Lima-Rodrigues Margarida Belchior Nuno Pires
Sara Sousa


© SCAN 2019

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