image SCAN a growing network

circle-1300241_1280A warm welcome to SCAN
A small but growing network of creative action specialists who delight in using Morenian methods in our work.

If you are new to SCAN or have recently attended the Manchester workshop or a taster or have picked SCAN up on Social Media, here is a little bit about us, and who does what to keep us growing.

Ane Freed-Kernis is our treasurer of SCAN and we are grateful for her efforts in keeping us solvent.
I  am the coordinator of  SCAN  and will be sending out and posting information about the network and its various events and opportunities.
Merry Evans is the membership coordinator.
Sue Orton manages our blog and social media to enable you to receive updates and any articles written by SCANners wherever they are.

Contact SCAN if you have any questions or comments and of course suggestions about the network.

SCAN Related Conferences: Developing Potency and Presence as a Psychodrama Director with Rollo Browne and Peter Hall on July 4 – 6 and Creativity, Collaboration and Community the BPA Psychodrama and Sociodrama Conference 2017. While these are not official SCAN UK events, the British Psychodrama Association is our professional body with which we are very closely aligned. Members of SCAN UK will be well represented.


Valerie Monti Holland



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