Sociodrama & Team Coaching: A case study

jayfeatherWe are pleased to post this article by  Pablo Alvarez Valcarce, M.D.
It is about the total ended processes of Sociodrama Coaching in an Assurance Company.  He briefly wrote about its beginnings in a chapter of Sociodrama in a Changing Word

Abstract: Two team coaching processes in the same organization are described using sociodrama method. Technical proceedings are focused. Organization and team roles dynamics are described in a systemic framework. Sociometric evaluation and evolution of team configurations are described. Specific sociodramatic techniques are applied to different team conflicts. Some theoretical considerations are stated to define the specific sociodramatic approach to team coaching. Near Sociometric and Hidden Agendas phenomena are described and resolved. Specific changes in team rules, team roles, accountability and commitments are reached.

Key words: Sociodrama; Team Coaching; Team Roles; Sociodramatic Techniques; Change.

Pablo Alvarez Valcarce, M.D.
Grupo de Estudios de Psicodrama de Madrid, Spain

Download the full article here: sociodrama-team-coaching-a-case-study


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