6th International Conference of Sociodrama 23rd-27th August in Brazil

cartaz-conferencia-ingles-finalThe 6th International Sociodrama Conference, will be held on  23th until the 27th August 2017 in Balneario Camboriú, the coast of Santa Catarina, in the south of Brazil,

A place where nature still shows beauty and exuberance , counting on great gastronomic and hotel infrastructure and easily accessible by air.

The Balneario Camboriú region, called Vale do Itajaí, holds a great psychodrama network and Sociodrama experts and provides the involvement of indigenous communities, which can greatly contribute to our Conference, to inspire us to a different model of relationship with the Earth and the Cosmos.

This fact brings closely Balneario Camboriú to our goal, while socionomists, to rethink the relationship of the human being with nature in its entirety, in a world where technology and environmental change have been the paradigm of modernity. The question today is not who will survive, but how we can survive?

MORNINGS: Program of the 6th International Sociodrama Conference are reserved for presentation sociodramas in the Community. Sociodramatists from all continents are being invited to enroll their work to present them directly to the city of Balneário Camboriú in micro communities, microcosms such as schools, businesses, trade unions, cooperatives, elderly clubs, public squares, orphanages, prisons, hospitals and psychotherapeutic communities.

THE MAIN CONFERENCE with the large group will be held in the afternoon and we will have speakers who were previously invited by the organizing team, wich involve more than 50 sociodramatists, from various parts of the world.

THE EVENING SESSIONS with sociometric chosen sociodramas have directors and themes, sociometrically, chosen in the here and now of the event itself.

Have you thought about leading one of our sociodramas?

The 6th International Conference of Sociodrama will be as Sociodramatic, sociometric and sociátric as we are willing to make it happen.




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