Advanced Directing Skills for Sociodramatists

An extended weekend workshop in Manchester, UK

April 21st – 24th 2017
Friday afternoon to Monday lunchtime

Ron Wiener and Di Adderley are happy to announce that they will be running this extremely successful course again in April 2017. 2016’s workshop was attended by people from nine different countries.

Directing a sociodrama is like driving on a motorway with numerous entrances, exits and roundabouts to negotiate. With the whole group as protagonist how, as director, do you decide between the different options that various members of the group are giving you?

The workshop will enable participants to develop their skills in directing sociodramas. The course will cover: different types of sociodramas (protagonist v group centred etc.); warm-ups; finding the group story; setting the scene; moving the action on; action techniques such as role reversal, doubling & tagging and different types of sharing.

The course is aimed at: psychodrama trainees and practitioners; sociodramatists; group workers; users of action methods such as organisational consultants and trainers; dramatherapists and others in related fields.

The course will represent 20hrs. accredited training / CPD for participants. BPA psychodrama trainees are reminded of the requirement to attend 50hrs. of sociodrama training.


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