A Psychodrama & Sociodrama Conference, Sheffield, July 7-9 2017

screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-11-02-13The 32nd British Psychodrama Association Conference of Psychodrama & Sociodrama is now accepting submissions for workshops, seminars and Tele talks. Deadline for submissions: 14 November 2016.

Please download the submission form on the BPA website: http://www.psychodrama.org.uk.
Send your proposals to conference@psychodrama.org.uk.
The conference will be held in Sheffield on July 7 – 9 2017.

We are excited to introduce and announce the vision for the 2017 BPA Conference for Psychodrama and Sociodrama: Creativity – Collaboration – Community – showcasing what is uniquely powerful about Morenian methods of working and the impact we all enjoy when collaborating with other modalities of group and individual development and healing.

We welcome new partnerships as well as seek to strengthen the sense of community that already exists within the world of Psychodrama and Sociodrama. Bound by our passion and belief in the methods, this is an opportunity to experience them from people within our community and beyond.

Further information and questions please contact Val Monti-Holland

© SCAN 2016

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