Developing people

Coaching and mentoring for personal and professional development

Coaching and mentoring are key approaches in developing staff. Action
methods make this process more dynamic – rather than just talking about a
situation you can ‘visit’ and explore different points of view – both your
own and others’ – and in this way make more effective and deeper
changes to limiting habits and beliefs.

Developing negotiation, assertiveness and confidence, managing conflict
and facilitation skills

These challenging areas of work can derail otherwise highly effective work
situations. So many employees don’t know where to start when dealing
with difficult customers, handling complaints, or negotiating to get the best
deal or sort out a problem. We can offer bespoke training to develop these
skills using scenarios specific to your situation and drawing on your
employees’ own experiences to make sure the sessions are completely
relevant and engaging.

What makes our sessions different?

Rather than just talking about the issues, people get a chance to experiment and practice different approaches, give each other feedback and learn how to use their own creativity and spontaneity to best effect – preparing in this way to respond to whatever the future brings.

Leadership and management skills

All skilled managers need to have a wide role repertoire in order to cope
with the different personalities they have to manage. Role training is an
exciting and dynamic approach designed to support people in recognising
the roles they habitually use and to develop and practice effective new
roles. For example, a manager might be very good at giving praise and
constructive feedback to their team, but find it harder to effectively
challenge poor performance when feedback isn’t acted upon. Developing
the skill of confidently and clearly holding someone to account can be
practiced in a role-training session until it’s easy to do – making the
manager better at their job and the organisation more effective.

SCAN in the public sector

“The session was really relevant, fantastic at getting everyone involved.
We got real buy-in from the team.”

Bernard Sheridan, Green Spaces Manager, Charnwood Borough Council


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