Developing organisations

Organisational development: what’s your priority?

Time spent on taking stock, honestly evaluating your position in the market and
considering options for the future is an investment. There’s a big difference between sitting with a wish list, hoping it will all work out, and adopting a thought-through strategy.

How can we help? Solution-focussed team-building

  • Our team-building events are practical, relevant and address the specific needs of your team.
  • Team identity and bonding happen naturally as people work actively together to understand a situation, look at what’s involved and work together to find the best way forward.
  • Our process is active – people are on their feet, moving around the room,looking at things from other people’s point of view, and that way everyone gets fully involved.

“It was great to see how everyone in the team, from the manager to the temp,
became really passionate about our challenges and plans – step by step the facilitator
took us on a journey and by the end everyone was so absorbed in what we were
doing they didn’t want to stop…”
(Mark Graham, Green Spaces Manager, Charnwood Borough Council)

Managing change

Managing change is not necessarily solution-focussed – it can be about creating a forum where people can express their fears in the face of real uncertainty. It’s really important to acknowledge the reality of change – too often people don’t want to talk about it,because the conversation is too difficult. It’s about preparing people for an unseen future and getting them to understand the resources they already have to take them to wherever they need to go next. If you don’t do this, the worst-case scenario is that you find a high proportion of your staff going off long-term sick as morale dives, along with
productivity. In the end you lose money – so taking time to prepare people for change is a really smart investment. It’s a process – a one off event can help you get started,but managers need to learn the skills to keep the process going.

Strategy, visioning & action planning

Most organisations want their employees or members to understand the strategic vision, and contribute to this in what they do. The difficulty can be in making this feel relevant, and involving people in a meaningful way.
Action Methods and Sociodrama techniques are a superb way to do this.The group works together to map out the bigger picture, including expectations from stakeholders, resources, challenges and opportunities. This naturally leads to a problem solving approach – by using time-lines and ‘visiting’ a future time when success has already been experienced, relevant and practical steps can be planned by the people who will need to make the changes happen.

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